Mitsu Ikemura - In the Infinite Meadows - Banff Series
Mitsu Ikemura - Wanderer's Song (Left side of Diptych)
Mitsu Ikemura - Wanderer's Song, (Right Side of Diptych)
Mitsu Ikemura - Light of sun, radiance of moon, splendor of fire
Mitsu Ikemura - Sunsets & rainbows, green forests & blue seas
Mitsu Ikemura - In The Silence Of Contemplation
Mitsu Ikemura - Hear The Voice Of The Bard
Mitsu Ikemura - Gazing Deeply Beyond Time
Mitsu Ikemura - Mitsu Ikemura at Show Opening, April 2002
Mitsu Ikemura - Song Of The Silent Words

Mitsu Ikemura

Mitsu Ikemura, creates richly layered visions of so-called 'inner landscapes', images inspired by philosophical reflection. His works integrate a strong architectural background with Asian style brushwork, seldom using a primary color, but blends and mixes hues in a manner which he hopes will cause people to stop and reflect on themselves.

Though originally his motives were to adapt to and communicate the essence of the Canadian rockies and prairies by contrasting them to his native Japanese landscape, Ikemura has continued to search his inner visions for those universal sights which elicit common emotions from viewers. Very often he relies on Bach and Mozart to stir these feelings within himself before he approaches his work. As a result, his love of classical music is evident in the gentle rhythm and movement he creates in his abstracted scenes. They sing with movement, overcoming the static quality of many landscape paintings.  

Ikemura , now 60 years of age, has been a full-time artist since 1985 and has received accolades from his peers and the community at an unprecedented rate. His numerous exhibitions, as a solo artist or as part of a group, and his representation in public and private collections throughout Canada, the United States and Japan, indicate that he will continue his mercurial rise in the fine arts community. The artist now resides in British Columbia.

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