Masayoshi Kato - Winds' Landscape  1
Masayoshi Kato - Winds' Landscape 2
Masayoshi Kato - Winds' Landscape 3
Masayoshi Kato - Winds' Landscape 4
Masayoshi Kato - Winds' Landscape 5
Masayoshi Kato - Winds' Landscape  6
Masayoshi Kato - Winds' Landscape  7
Masayoshi Kato - Winds' Landscape  8
Masayoshi Kato - Winds' Landscape  9
Masayoshi Kato - Winds' Landscape  10
Masayoshi Kato - Wind - Surface Detail
Masayoshi Kato - Sun
Masayoshi Kato - Untitled
Masayoshi Kato - The artist and his work
Masayoshi Kato - The artist
Masayoshi Kato - Painting in his studio
Masayoshi Kato - Untitled 3-2
Masayoshi Kato - Untitled 3-1
Masayoshi Kato - Untitled III
Masayoshi Kato - Untitled II
Masayoshi Kato - Untitled
Masayoshi Kato - Landscape
Masayoshi Kato - Windy Gate II
Masayoshi Kato - Windy Gate I
Masayoshi Kato - Traveller II
Masayoshi Kato - Traveller
Masayoshi Kato - Wind Lanscape, J4
Masayoshi Kato - Wind Landscape, J1
Masayoshi Kato - Wind Landscape, J4
Masayoshi Kato - Opening Reception, Beckett Fine Art
Masayoshi Kato - Opening Reception
Masayoshi Kato - Opening Reception
Masayoshi Kato - Opening Reception

Masayoshi Kato

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Masa Kato was born in Born in Gifu, Gifu Prefecture, Japan, in 1935. He graduated from Kyoto University in 1957, age 22, where he studied western oil painting. He has lived an extraordinarly creative and active life as an artist since his first solo show, held in Kyoto in 1966.  Forty six years later, Kato has over 18 solo and 59 group exhibitions to his credit. Masa Kato finds inspiration for his work in the patterns of nature. His paintings are created from a multi-layering of paint, giving his work texture, dimension and color.

Two artist exhibition, Shoin Gallery, Kyoto.

Solo exhibition, Beni Gallery, Kyoto.

Participate with the Group Mode, Gifu.
Group exhibition, First Group Mode Exhibition, Hirakiya Gallery, Gifu, Gifu Prefecture.
Group Mode exhibits every year since 1968.

Solo exhibition, Kunugi Gallery, Tokyo.

Group exhibition, “Artist’s Union”, Tokyo.
Group exhibition, “Artist’s Union”, San Francisco, USA.
Group exhibition, Yokohama Municipal Hall, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Group exhibition, First Regional 100 Artists Exhibition, Kintetsu Department Store, Gifu.
Gifu Prefecture exhibitions every year since 1979.

Solo exhibition, Gallery Ayu, Gifu, Gifu Prefecture.

Solo exhibition, Gallery Ayu, Gifu, Gifu Prefecture.

Group exhibition, Gallery Takeuchi, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.

Solo exhibition, Kuze Gallery, Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture.

Solo exhibition, Takanawa Gallery, Tokyo.

Solo exhibition, Gallery Artpoint, Tokyo.
Solo exhibition of Drawings, Takanawa Gallery, Tokyo.

Solo exhibition, Kuze Gallery, Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture.
Solo exhibition of Collages, Takanawa Gallery, Tokyo.

Group exhibition, “Contemporary Art in Gifu”, Gifu Prefectural Art Museum.

Solo exhibition, Matsuzakaya Department Store, Osaka.

First North American solo exhibition, Beckett Fine Art Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Beckett Fine Art, solo exhibition

Participated to 6 Men's Show (Nakano Naka's project)
Tanaka Kikinzoku Gallery. Ginza,Tokyo,Japan
Solo exhibition (reliefs & sculptures), Takanawa Gallery,Ginza, Tokyo ,Japan

Paris Exhibition (group), Takanawa Gallery,Tokyo ,Japan  
Beckett Fine Art, solo exhibition

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