Ethel Rosenfield - Family
Ethel Rosenfield - 2009 Salon Exhibition - Featuring Ethel Rosenfield Sculpture
Ethel Rosenfield - Time
Ethel Rosenfield - Temple Spirit IV
Ethel Rosenfield - Flight
Ethel Rosenfield - Head
Ethel Rosenfield - Temple Spirit
Ethel Rosenfield - Mother And Child
Ethel Rosenfield - The Dancer
Ethel Rosenfield - Labyrinth
Ethel Rosenfield - Captive Head II
Ethel Rosenfield - Captive Head I
Ethel Rosenfield - Abstract Form II
Ethel Rosenfield - Mother And Child
Ethel Rosenfield - Stone Cross
Ethel Rosenfield - Temple Spirit
Ethel Rosenfield - Stone Flower No. 3
Ethel Rosenfield - Female Form
Ethel Rosenfield - Standing Figure I and II - Sold As Pair -
Ethel Rosenfield - Standing Figure I
Ethel Rosenfield - Temple Of Silence
Ethel Rosenfield - Emerging Life
Ethel Rosenfield - Genesis
Ethel Rosenfield - Morning Child
Ethel Rosenfield - Stone Man
Ethel Rosenfield - Figure
Ethel Rosenfield - Untitled

Ethel Rosenfield

1910 - 2000

“Welcome to my world of stone” was a frequent quote from Ethel Rosenfield, who is renowned for her passion for stone, and her devotion to the arduous physical discipline, which the medium demands. Working in Indiana Limestone, Cararra, Red Verona and Quebec marble, Rosenfield carved out her sensual and organic themes. The family, female form, temple, and the theme of mother and child are recurring motifs. Her work has inspired praise from a wide array of critics and artists including Robert Ayre and Vie des Arts John K. Grande.


Born 1910, Poland. Immigrated to Canada and lived in Montreal from 1919 to 1977.  Moved to Toronto in 1978. Studied sculpture at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Montreal, Quebec for five years under Louis Archambault and Armand Filion.
Founding Member of Quebec Sculptors Association.

Group Exhibitions
Beckett Fine Art, Toronto, Ont.

Merton Gallery, Toronto, Ont.

Canadian Sculptors Traveling Exhibition; London, U.K., Paris, Brussels
‘Seven Women Sculptors’, Gairloch Gallery, Oakville, Ont.

Place des Arts, Montreal, Que.
White Mountains Arts Festival, Jefferson, New Hampshire, USA

Thomas More Institute, Montreal, Que.

Sir George Williams University, Montreal, Que.
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ont.
University of Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Que.
National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Ont.

Rodin Museum (traveling exhibition), Paris, France
Panorama of Quebec Sculpture, Musee d’Art Contemporaine, Montreal

Expo 67, Terre des Homme, Montreal, Que.

Thomas More Institute, Montreal, Que.

London Art Museum, London, Ont.
Musee d’Art Contemporaine, Montreal, Que.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Que.

Public Collections
Musee d’Art Contemporaine Montreal
Terre des Hommes, City of Montreal
City of Joliette, Quebec, “Hommage au Soleil”, Indiana Limestone, 9 ft. height
Storm King Art Centre, Mountainville, New York, USA
Thomas More Institute, Montreal
Hillsdale Country Club, Montreal
Sir George Williams Art Galleries, Concordia University, Montreal

Publications and Media
CBC TV, John Northcott, Beckett Fine Art, Toronto, September 18, 19, 20, 1997

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CIUT Radio, University of Toronto, Interview with Joan Jason, September 19, 1997

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The Canadian Jewish News, Miriam Chinsky, March 5, 1998
Guy Robert: “Ecole de Montreal” and “l’Art de Quebec”

Robert Ayre: “Ethel Rosenfield Sculptor”

Canadian Artists Exhibition - Roundstone  - Toronto

Solo Exhibitions
Beckett Fine Art, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Ethel Rosenfield”, Beckett Fine Art, Toronto, Ont.

‘Sculpture in Stone’, Beckett Fine Art, Toronto, Ont.

Merton Gallery, Toronto, Ont.

‘A Retrospective’, Centennial Gallery, Oakville, Ont.

‘Sculpture in Stone’, Beckett Gallery, Hamilton, Ont.

Loranger Gallery, Toronto, Ont.

Sisler Gallery, Toronto, Ont.

Galerie Espace, Quebec Sculptors Association, Montreal, Quebec

College Saint-Louis, Edmunston, New Brunswick

Galerie Martal, Montreal, Que.

Galerie Martin, Montreal, Que.

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